Wednesday, December 12, 2007

guenther kaufmann - so much tenderness

this is a most beautiful song by german actor guenther kaufmann from the 1970 rainer werner fassbinder movie "der amerikanische soldat" (the american soldier).

the song is written by fassbinder himself, the music by his frequent callaborator peer raben. in the movie, a very noir gangster story, the song is featured at the very end.


Anonymous said...

nice song, didn't know it was penned by RWF himself... Günter Kaufman was sentenced for murder (I think in 2001) but released after 2,5 years of prison as it turned out he had - willingly falsly- accused himself of the crime in order to protect his wife

cheers from Milano
Michael Vee

Kristina said...

the link is dead and i've been looking for an mp3 of this song. could you find it in your heart to revive the link?