Sunday, January 6, 2008

nino ferrer, vol. 6 - les cornichons / sottilette kraft commercial

in this little known commercial from around the early seventies, you can see nino ferrer acting and hear an instrumental of his song "les cornichons / il baccalà".

the original song about a picnic gone awry is beautifully illustrated in this music video clip - preserving the original idea while not slavishly reproducing it literally.

surprisingly the clip is directed by infamous italian director ruggero deodato of "cannibal holcaust" fame.


Corbaccio said...

Hello Bryan,

Thank you for such a funny and delightful post: I didn't even know of the existence of this commercial (I knew that Ferrer acted for the screen, but not for the television). I met Deodato in September 2004 at the Venice Film Festival, during the Retrospective "Italian Kings of the B's". Despite "Cannibal Holocaust and other gory films like "The House on the Edge of the Park" and "Body Count", is a very nice and gentle guy... He's like the Soundtrack of his most infamous movie, composed by Riz Ortolani: peaceful and easy-going, the exact contrary of what one might think. It should be common in suspenseful filmmaking... Isn't it Alfred Hitchcock one of the most amusing director ever existed?

Christian Luongo said...

Hallo ; is it possible to see the clip on you tube ? Thanks